Experience The Next Generation of Website Technology.

A container based WordPress platform that horizontally scales to be the highest performing and most reliable solution available on the market.

High Availability

Load balanced containers distribute traffic to duplicate instances of WordPress.

Fast Caching

WordPress front end is delivered through a custom made caching layer in the load balancer.

Clustered Database

Every WordPress site is powered by multiple MySQL servers for high availability, uptime and scalability.

Application Monitoring

Our system is constantly monitoring your site at the WordPress application level.


If your site goes offline for any reason, the platform will instantly re-deploy your container.


If your website gets hammered with traffic our system will automatically deploy multiple containers to handle the load.

Version Backups

Get Git-Style versioned backups of your site, which are easy and fast to restore.

Security Monitoring

WordPress specific security monitoring, scanning, and protection.

Listen up, WordPress Professionals.

This is your chance to step up your game.

Marvel at Per Site Configuration Based On Client's Needs


Appreciate 1-Click Environment Changes


Love Our Super Fast WordPress Deployments


Trust Our Native Load Balancing and Security


A Scalable WordPress Platform

By using the latest in Docker Container technology we have the ability to host multiple instances of your site with a custom made load balancer to balance traffic across the multiple instances. This allows for two things: high availability and true horizontal scaling of your WordPress site.

Bringing together the latest in WordPress server technology in one easy-to-use platform.


Free Migrations

Convesio can improve your site's speed by 200-400% compared to other specialized WordPress hosting providers. Get protection from bad neighbors, hardware failures and eliminate site downtime. But who wants to deal with migrations? That's why we offer migrations free of charge. Yup, free.

Free SSL Certificates

At Convesio, we believe that every site deserves dependable SSL, which is why we’ve partnered with LetsEncrypt. They're a SSL Certificate Authority that offers free, automatic SSL Certificates. If you would rather bring your own certificate, that’s ok too. Just let us know and we’ll be happy to help you get it all set up!

Keep In Touch

Want to stay in touch to hear about upcoming features and updates on our launch? Give us your contact info and we'll be in touch. Don't worry, we won't get your hopes up only to have you never hear from us nor will we flood your inbox. You may even get butterflies in your stomach when you do hear from us.
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Convesio Hosting

Built Using Docker Containers

Fast WordPress Deployment

Dedicated Environment Per Site

High Availability (Server & Storage)

High Performance

Built-In Caching, Security, & Backups

Horizontal Scaling

Native Load Balancing

One-Click Environment Changes

Per Site Configuration Based On Client/Site Needs

Traditional Shared Hosting

Unlimited shared hosting is a lie

There’s no such thing as unlimited - every server has limits

One website could take the whole server down

As many people are packed in as possible

Shared hosting support is low quality

Create or Migrate

At Convesio, we don’t think switching hosting providers should be a hassle. Let us migrate your sites to our state of the art, container based hosting platform free of charge.

Automatic Scaling

A Load Balancer will evenly distribute load across multiple containers. If your site comes under heavy load it will automatically replicate into additional containers to handle the load as needed.

Serious Speed

Our load-balanced MySQL database servers ensure highly available database services to all sites, so you get the very best in speed and reliability.

Outstanding Performance

You will be able to reach peak performance on your WordPress sites. You may get more business, a high-five or even a pat on the back!

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