WordPress is an Incredible Platform

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) available today. There are around 100 million WordPress sites online right now, with an average of 50,000 new WordPress websites coming online every day. Over 26% of all websites on the web are powered by WordPress.

WordPress websites receive 22.3 billion page views every month. There are over 2.5 billion blog posts published on WordPress with over 59 million new posts added every month.

There are over 45,000 plug-ins available for WordPress allowing the end user to customize their site to do exactly what they want it to do without having to hire expensive programmers.

WordPress constantly upgrades their platform to ensure new cyber threats are neutralized quickly, and the support from the WordPress team (as well as from most of the theme and plug-in developers) guarantee quick resolutions to most website issues.

But WordPress Has A Problem

The biggest problem with WordPress isn’t in the platform itself, and it isn’t in how we use it. WordPress’s “Achilles Heel” is in how we host it.

Most WordPress websites are hosted using what is known as Shared Hosting. This system basically works by putting a large number of websites on the same server, and having those sites “share” certain resources (memory, CPU’s, databases, etc). With many “budget” hosting providers, each server may contain thousands of websites. If any 1 of those websites goes viral, gets hacked, or worse yet, becomes victim of a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS), every site on the server will feel the effects.

These effects can range from slow page loads to the site going offline. Even if this doesn’t happen, but many of the sites are popular or receive an uptick in visitors, every other site can experience slow downs. And if there is a hardware failure???  Everyone goes offline.

Many higher end hosting providers attempt to lower these risks by having far fewer sites hosted per server. Although this does lower the risks, all the risks are still there.

For much higher end hosting providers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS’s) have become the work around solution. With a VPS, a site is isolated from the other sites on the server, and not reliant on the shared resources common with shared hosting. VPS’s do protect a site from many of the problems with shared hosting, yet they do not fix everything. A VPS is no protection from hardware failures, nor can it protect a site from slowdown due to the server being overwhelmed by another sites traffic. Remember the vast majority of VPS solutions still run on one server, a single point of failure.

WP Forever has Solved The Shared Hosting Problem

WP Forever is a revolutionary new system for hosting WordPress that solves all of the problems associated with current shared hosted systems. WP Forever uses a container based approach to isolate your website from the other sites on the server, thus protecting you from bad neighbors just like a VPS. However, unlike a VPS, WP Forever can instantly spin up new containers (containing a complete, up to date version of your site) to load balance traffic on your site. WP Forever is able to create containers on multiple servers, sharing the load and eliminating the single point of failure.

In addition to rock solid uptime, every site is is optimized with the fasted wordpress configuration around, so you can choose from HHVM or PHP-FPM runtimes, both fronted with a system level varnish cache (no plugins needed).

This system is such an improvement over current shared hosting solutions, that our benchmark testing shows a 200-400% performance increase over specialized WordPress hosting providers.

There is an old adage in business: “You can have it good, cheap, or fast. Pick two”. We think you can have all three.

Not only is our wordpress hosting platform far more reliable and faster than the current hosting solutions on the market it is also going to be available for a fraction of the price of high end wordpress hosting.

So go ahead… sign up for early access.