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WP Forever can improve your sites speed by 200-400% compared to other specialized WordPress hosting providers. Get protection from bad neighbors, hardware failures and eliminate site downtime.

But who wants to deal with migrations?

At WP Forever, we don’t think switching hosting providers should be a hassle. Let us migrate your site to our state of the art, container based hosting platform free of charge.

Moving a site to WP Forever is simple and transparent.

  1. We will grab a copy of your site by installing standard industry backup plugins.  
  2. We migrate your backup to our servers.
  3. Configure your site for optimal running on our container based platform.
  4. You will be able to see your site on our servers, fully functional and better than before.
  5. You can even bench test it for performance before you ever go live.

Do you have a lot of sites?

Not to worry, we will migrate them all. Free of charge. We give you the same service whether you have one site, dozens of sites, or hundreds of sites. Upgrading your hosting has never been simpler.

Why Is a Container Based Platform the future?

There are many reasons to upgrade your WordPress Hosting to WP Forever. Our platform isn’t just “a better version” of the rest, we’ve re-written how WordPress hosting is done.

Optimized WordPress Performance

Our container based platform isolates your site from bad neighbors, and instantly spins up new versions of your site to load balance your traffic.  Every site is optimized with the fastest WordPress configuration around and fronted with a system level varnish cache. This system is such an improvement over current WordPress Hosting solutions that our benchmark testing shows a 200-400% performance increase over specialized WordPress hosting providers.

What does that mean for you? Faster page loads lower bounce rates, and improved search engine rankings.

Let’s face it, a poor performing website results in a poor user experience. Search engines know this and penalize slow sites.

Zero Down Time

We understand that downtime (no matter how short) is never a good thing. So we eliminated it. WP Forever’s container based platform with active monitoring will ensure your site never goes down. Our active monitoring feature can immediately spin up a redundant versions of your site to optimize load, performance and uptime.

WP Forever has eliminated all of the common causes of site downtime, and protects your site of other things that can make you go offline.

Sign Up For Early Access

WP Forever provides a more secure hosting environment with faster performance, and no downtime. We will migrate your site for free so you can see for yourself the difference Container Based WordPress Hosting provides.

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